FHS300 Wall Fixed High Accuracy Ultrasonic Flowmeter/Heat Meter

FHS300 is based on the original imported FPGA integrated circuit from America’s Intel corporation. Its algorithm belongs to combination of threshold comparison gate circuit delay method and high-speed ADC correlation method. The main advantage is reflected in clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter. It is different from other 99% domestic clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters which are using the outdated capacitor charging algorithm or using algorithm of either comparison or correlation alone. So, our FHS300 belongs to high-end transit-time ultrasonic flow meter. Its measuring frequency can be more than 300 times per second (domestic other 99% clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are less than 50 times per second, or even just once per second). Its accuracy is strictly controlled to be better than 1.0%. Moreover, its tolerance rate to bubbles in the measured pipe has been greatly improved, and the maximum tolerance time for continuous bubbles or impurities is 5 seconds.

Parameter :

Flow range ±0.09ft/s ~ ±39ft/s (±0.03m/s ~ ±12m/s)
Accuracy ±1% of measured value
Repeatability 0.2% of measured value
Linearity ±1%
Pipe size DN25mm~DN1200mm(A pair of sensors)


Analog output: 4~20mA, max load 750Ω .

Pulse output: 0~10KHz

Communication RS232/RS485 Modbus
Power supply 10~36VDC/AC90~245V
Display 240*128 backlit LCD




Transmitter: -14℉~140℉(-20℃~60℃)

Transducer: -40℉~176℉(-40℃~80℃,TT01)

Transducer: -40℉~266℉(-40℃~130℃,TT03)

Transducer: -40℉~356℉(-40℃~180℃,TT02H)

Humidity Up to 99% RH,non-condensing
Transmitter PC+ABS,IP65


Encapsulated design,IP68

Double-shielded transducer cable

Standard/maximum cable length:30ft/1000ft(9m/300m)

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