FMD-SL Dual-Range Differential Pressure Flowmeter

The standard throttling differential pressure flowmeter has been widely used in industrial production because of its features such as no moving parts, good shock resistance, strong anti-interference ability, and convenient use and verification use and verification.

The range ratio of the standard throttling differential pressure flowmeter is about 1:3~1:4. When the range ratio is expanded, it is difficult to guarantee the measurement accuracy. With the development of modern industry and the increase of user process requirements, the range ratio is required It is 1:10 or even higher, especially when the flowmeter is used for measurement and trade settlement, which requires higher accuracy and wider range ratio. Our company develops a dual-range differential pressure flowmeter according to user requirements. From theory to practice, it solves the problems that have plagued users for a long time.

Dual range flow meters usually use two differential pressure sensors with high range and low range. The upper limit of the differential pressure of the low range is 17.32% FS of the upper range. The dual range differential pressure flowmeter is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, etc. industry.

Parameter :

Nominal diameter

50 mm ≤DN≤1200mm If DN>1200 mm, real flow calibration is required.

Aperture ratio β


Reynolds number range

when 0.10≤β≤0.56, 5000≤ReD

When 0.56≤β≤0.75, 10000≤ReD

Nominal pressure



1.0 grade, 1.5 grade

Measuring media

liquid, gas, steam

Connection method

Pipeline flange, wafer flange

Flange material

Carbon steel, stainless steel or others

Flange standard

ANSI American standard, DIN European standard

Measuring principle

differential pressure

Signal output

analog 4~20mADC+hart signal, RS485

Range ratio

1:3~1:4, 1:10

Explosion proof grade flameproof ExdIIBT5Gb; Intrinsic safety ExiallCT4/T5/T6Ga;


±0.2% of the maximum measuring range/12 months

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