FMF850 Series Metallic Rotameter Flowmeter

FMF850 series metallic rota flowmeter is one of variable area flowmeter with simple structure, work reliable, wide application field, high precision, convenient installation. it is suitable for compatible liquids, gases measurement.

FMF850 series metallic rotameter with LCD and 4~20mA electricity signal output, restrict alarm and many kinds of signal. compared with other flowmeter, this series has the characteristics of high pressure proof, high temperature proof, safety, ocular reading etc. it is suitable for chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, power plan, environmental protection, medical science.

Parameter :

Measuring range  Water (20℃)                  16~150000 l/h.

Air(0.1013MPa 20℃)       0.5~4000 m3/h.

 Range ratio  10:1(Special type 20:1).
 Accuracy class  2.5(Special type 1.5% or 1.0%).
 Working pressure DN15~DN50 PN16MPa (Special type 25MPa).DN80~DN150 PN10MPa (Special type 16MPa).

Pressure rating of jacket 1.6MPa.

 Medium temperature  Normalized type -80℃~+220℃.

 High-temperature type 300℃.    Lined with FEP type ≤85℃.

 Ambient temperature  -40℃~+120℃

(Remote display without LCD≤85℃).

(Remote display with LCD≤70℃).

 Dielectric viscosity

 1/4” NPT, 3/8” NPT 1/2” NPT≤5mPa.s

 3/4” NPT,1” NPT ≤250mPa.s

 Output  Standard signal: two-wire system 4 ~ 20mA (with HART communication).

Standard signal: three-wire system 0 ~ 10mA.

Alarm signal:1.Two-way relay output.

2.One-way or two-approach switches .

Pulse signal output: 0-1KHz isolated output.

 Process connection  Standard type:24VDC±20%.

AC type:220VAC(85~265VAC) (optional).

 Connection mode FlangeThread


 Levels of protection  IP65/IP67.
 Ex-mark  Intrinsically safe:ExiaIICT3~6.    Exd type:ExdIICT4~6.

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