FMG210 Compact Oval Gear Flow Meter

The FMG210 gear flow sensor is widely used for accurate measurement of low flow in various industries. Applicable media: additive fuels, flotation cells for water treatment, corrosion inhibitors, catalysts, emulsifiers, oils, greases, fragrances, adhesives, solvents, inks and pesticides and other high-viscosity media. Application industries include automobile, aviation, mining, electric power, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, food, paint, petroleum, environmental protection, printing and other industries.

FMG210 is especially suitable for flow measurement of medium with high viscosity such as heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol and resin (it can measure fluids with viscosity up to 10000Pa.s). The volume and weight are light, the vibration noise is small and the operation is stable, and it can also be used to measure the small flow of small pipe diameters. The starting flow is small and the range ratio is wide. It is suitable for measuring the liquid flow with large fluctuations. The measurement accuracy is not affected by the pressure and flow changes. The performance is stable, the life is long, and the flow capacity is large.

Parameter :

Name Over gear flow meter
Measuring medium Suitable for all kinds of viscous medium

Range ratio width


Range 5 ~ 330 L / min (support customized range)
Output signal 4-20mA, PNP / NPN
Accuracy 0.5% F.S
Repeatability 0. 1%F. S
Power supply 16~ 30VDC
Working pressure Standard 5Mpa, High pressure customization Max. 40MPa (stainless steel)
Medium temperature – 30 ~ 80 ° C (high temperature customized 150 ° C)
Pressure resistant Aluminum (150bar)

Stainless steel (400bar)

PP (withstand voltage 50bar)

Material Shell: aluminum, stainless steel

Display: stainless steel

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