FMG310 Dual Rotameter Flow Meter

FMG310 The dual-rotor flowmeter is the latest generation of positive displacement flowmeter produced by our company. Because it adopts a pair of special toothed helical rotors, it has the advantages of no pulsation, extremely low noise, high precision, high reliability, large flow, and environmental adaptability. strong sexual characteristics.

It is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electronics, dock and other industries. It is especially suitable for trade measurement of industrial liquids such as crude oil, refined oil and heavy oil.

Parameter :

Diameter 25、40、50、80、100、150、200、250、300.
Allowed deviation(%) ±0.2、±0.5.
Repeatability deviation(%) 0.2 grade is 0.07、0.5 grade is 0.17.
Allowed operating pressure(Mpa) 1.6、2.5、4.o、6.4
Medium temperature of tested(℃) -40~+60、-40~+120、+100~+300
Medium viscosity of tested(mpa·s) 0.6~200
Anti-explosion rate dⅡBT4、iaIICT4, (Statement: we have two kinds of output signal: Ordinary and anti-explosion)
Power supply Pipe flange standard:HG20592-90、JB/T79.1-94
Material Stainless steel, cast steel, 316L (0Cr17 Ni12 Mo2 gasoline medium with stainless steel bearing, high temperature medium with high temperature bearing.)

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