FMG450-B Micro Over Gear Flow Meter

FMG450-B series micro flowmeter is a novel micro flowmeter developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology according to market demand. It has the characteristics of small flow, simple structure, high measurement accuracy, convenient use and long service life. It has strong adaptability to the viscosity of the liquid to be measured and no requirements for the flow state of the liquid to be measured, and no special requirements for the pressure of the liquid to be measured. The display instrument has the functions of displaying total flow, cumulative flow, instantaneous flow and zero return, and can realize on-site display and remote transmission functions, especially suitable for accurate measurement of small flow of boiler fuel, oil, chemical and other liquids. The flowmeter made of all stainless steel can measure the tiny flow of various liquid foods such as wine, milk and vegetable oil.  

Parameter :


Body material

Stainless steel

Metering gear

stainless steel/copper/aluminum alloy




Stainless steel

Main technical

Nominal diameter

6-10 mm

Nominal pressure

1.0, 1.6, 2.5, 4.0MPa

Accuracy class


Dosing medium

Oil, chemical, cream, alcohol, vegetable oil

medium temperature


Viscosity range

0.6—1000 mPa. s

Electronic display

Display function

Can display instantaneous flow, accumulated flow, total accumulated flow
and zero return function

Operating Voltage

3±0. 4VDC

Working current

< 50uA

output signal

1. Pulse signal 2. 4-20mA current signal. 3. RS485 signal

long distance

≤ 1kM

External power supply


Explosion-proof grade

Exd IIC T6 Gb

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