FMT700 Wafer Type Target Flowmeter

The target flow meter is also called a drag force flowmeter. The target flow meter inserts a target (drag element) into the flow field. The target usually is a flat disc or a sphere with an extension rod. There will be a differential pressure. And then target flow meters measure the drag force on the inserted target and convert it to the flow rate. SenTec manufactures target flow meters for liquid, gas, and steam measurement.

SenTec manufactured Capacitive target flowmeter. A capacitive target flowmeter is a new type of capacitive force inductive flowmeter. Developed on the basis of traditional target flowmeter. And developed with new sensors and microelectronic technology. It has both orifice plate and vortex flowmeters.

Target flow is used for industrial flow measurement, mainly used to solve the flow measurement of high viscosity, low Reynolds number fluid. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power and other industries. Medicine, environmental protection, food and other fields.

Parameter :

Item Target flowmeter Performance
Medium Liquid, Gas, and Steam
Caliber Pipe type 15~300mm
Clamp type 15~600mm
Plug type100~2000mm
Pressure 0.6~10MPa
Accuracy ± 0.2    ~   ± 1.5%FS
Medium Temperature -196° C~+450° C ( Confirming the temperature range before purchase)
-20   ~ +70 (normal temperature type)
-196 ~   +700 (high/low temperature type)
Range degree 1:31:51:20 (Liquid) 1:20 (Gas) 1:20 (Steam)
Compensation type temperature compensation; pressure compensation
Power supply Machine built-in 3.6V lithium battery; external power supply 24VDC; 220VAC (only for split digital tube display)
Output form On-site display reading; 4~20mA (two-wire system); pulse; 0~10V; RS232/RS485 (optional); Hart protocol
Explosion-proof mark Intrinsically safe (ExiallCT4) flameproof (ExdllCT4)
Protection class IP65; IP67; IP68

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