FMT810 Digital Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

Intelligent liquid turbine flowmeter is a kind of precision flow measuring instrument. Turbine flowmeter is the main type of velocity flowmeter. When the measured fluid flows through the turbine flowmeter sensor, under the action of the fluid, the impeller is forced to rotate, and its rotational speed is proportional to the average flow velocity of the pipeline. At the same time, the blades are periodically According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, a pulsating potential signal, that is, an electric pulse signal, will be induced in the coil. The frequency of this electric pulsation signal is proportional to the flow rate of the fluid to be measured.

Turbine flowmeter is the main type of velocity flowmeter. It uses a multi-blade rotor (turbine) to sense the average flow rate of the fluid, and derives the flow or total amount of the meter.

The turbine flowmeter is generally composed of two parts: a sensor and a display instrument, and can also be made into an integral type. Turbine flow meter can used to measure both liquid or gas. So, the integrated turbine flowmeter is also called an intelligent liquid turbine flowmeter or an intelligent gas turbine flowmeter.

It can be used to measure the flow and totality of liquid with the corresponding flow metering instrument. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, urban construction, environmental protection, food, metallurgy, water supply, paper and other fields, it is an ideal instrument for flow metering and energy saving. High-precision measurement of the volumetric flow of liquids such as water, tap water, diesel, gasoline and lower viscosity crude oil.

Parameter :

Measuring medium water, oil, alcohol and other liquids (viscosity <5×10-6M2/S)
Caliber range DN4 ~ DN200 (DN4 ~ 80 common threaded connection)
Accuracy ±1%R, ±0.5%R, ±0.2%R (special customized)
Output signal Square wave pulse (voltage type), 4-20MA, 0-5V (smart type)
Working environment -20~90°C, 5%~90%RH
Connection method External/internal thread, flange, clamp
Communication RS485 communication, MODBUS-RTU (smart type)
Body material Stainless steel 1CR18NI9TI, 316L (hygienic)
Protection class IP65 (common type), IP68 (special customized)

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