FMU850 IP68 Tube-Segment Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact instrument, which can measure the flow of medium with large diameter and can also be used for the measurement of medium that is not easy to contact and observe. Its measurement accuracy is very high, and the external clip-type installation can reach the highest accuracy of ±0.5%. It is almost not disturbed by various parameters of the measured medium, especially it can solve the strong corrosiveness, non-conductivity, Flow measurement of radioactive and flammable and explosive media.
FMU850 IP68 tube-segment ultrasonic flow meter is based on the principle of “velocity difference method” to measure the liquid flow in the circular tube. It adopts advanced multi-pulse technology, signal digital processing technology and error correction technology, which makes the flow meter more suitable for the environment of the industrial site, and the measurement is more convenient, economical and accurate. The products have reached the advanced level at home and abroad, and can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and drainage and other fields.

Parameter :

Category Performance Parameters
Hosts Principle Principle of ultrasonic time difference, 4-byte IEEE754 floating-point operation
Accuracy Segment Type: Flowmeter: ±0.5%; Calorimeter: ±1.0%
Clamp Type: Flowmeter: ±1.0%; Calorimeter: ±2.0%
Plug-in type: Flowmeter: ±1.0%; Calorimeter: ±2.0%
Operating Four-button operation with magnetic bar touch or finger touch; simulation keyboard software
Signal output 1 channel 4-20mA current output, impedance: 0-1k, accuracy: 0.1%
1 way OCT pulse output
1 relay output
Signal input 3 4-20mA current input, accuracy: 0.1%; can collect pressure, temperature, level and other signals, can be connected to the 3-wire system
The PT100 temperature sensor measures heat.
Data interface Isolated RS485 serial interface, flow meter can be upgraded via PC PC Support MODBUS communication protocol.
Special cable Custom twisted-pair cable, generally limited to 50 meters, use RS 485 communication protocol, transmission distance up to more than kilometers
Pipeline Tube material Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, cement pipe, copper, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass, and other dense pipes, allowing lining
Bore size DN15mm-DN6000mm
Straight section The sensor installation point is best to meet: upstream 10D, downstream 5D; 30D from the pump outlet (D is the pipe segment).
Measuring medium Media type Water, seawater, industrial wastewater, acid, alkali, alcohol, beer, various oils,
Temperature -30°C-160°C
Turbidity ≤10000ppm, and small bubble content
Velocity 0-10m/s
Working environment Temperature Host: -20°C -60 °C; flow sensor: -30 °C -160 °C.
Humidity Converters and sensors can work under water with underwater depth ≤ 2m (completely sealed).
Power supply DC8-36V;AC85-264V(optional)
Power consumption 1.5W


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