FMV813 Gas Liquid Steam Flange Vortex Flowmeter

Vortex flow meter also called Vortex shedding flow meter which is is suitable for flow measurement of steam and various liquids and gases. FMV813 vortex flowmeter is a flowmeter applying Karman vortex principle. It is mainly used for flow measurement of industrial pipeline medium fluid, such as air, compressed air, steam, superheated steam, saturated steam and other gases, liquids and other media. The vortex flowmeter has no moving mechanical parts, so it has high reliability and small maintenance. Instrument parameters can be stable for a long time. The vortex flowmeter uses a piezoelectric stress sensor with high reliability and can operate in the operating temperature range of -20 °C to +250 °C. There are analog standard signals and digital pulse signal outputs, which are easy to use with digital systems such as computers. It is a relatively advanced and ideal measuring instrument. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, metallurgy, electric power, environmental protection, food and other industries.

Parameter :

Measuring medium Liquid, gas, steam (saturated steam, superheated steam)
Nominal diameter DN15-DN300
Accuracy Gas-free compensation type: 1.5% (DN15~DN25), 1.0% (DN32-DN200), 1.5% (.DN250-DN300)

Liquid without compensation type: 1.0% (DN15-DN300)
Temperature and pressure compensation type: 1.5% (DN25-DN300)

Range ratio When the gas density is 1.2kg/m3, the turndown ratio is 8:1
When the liquid density is 1000kg/m3, the turndown ratio is 8:1 (when the medium density is different, the turndown ratio will change)
Medium temperature -40°C-+260°C, -40°C-+300°C
Power supply 24VDC±5%, lithium battery 3.6VDC (battery life is more than 2 years)
Output signal The instantaneous flow corresponds to the voltage frequency pulse (low level ≤ 1V, high level ≥ 6V) Instantaneous flow corresponds to 4-20mA output (load resistance ≤ 300 ohms)
Communication RS485, HART (optional)
Body material Stainless steel (more customized)
Electrical Interface M20*1.5 internal thread

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