FRM6000 Open Channel River Radar Flowmeter

The open channel flow meter is mainly composed of a radar flow meter and a radar water level meter. The flow meter is used to collect the surface velocity of the fluid, and calculate the average flow velocity of the cross section through the model calculation, and then calculate the cross section area by combining the water level measured by the water level meter and the cross section information. Thus use the formula flow rate average flow velocity cross sectional area correction coefficient to obtain the flow rate, wherein the correction coefficient is calculated according to the standard value obtained in the actual measurement environment.

Parameter :

Parameter Description
Supply voltage DC 7 ~ 28V
Current (12V power supply) About 300mA in normal operation, less than 1mA in sleep mode.
Operating temperature -35° ~ 70°
waterproof level IP67
Transmit frequency 24.000 ~ 24.250GHz
Communication Interface RS-232 / RS-485
Communication Protocol MODBUS-RTU / custom protocol
Speed range 0.15 ~ 15m/s
Speed measurement accuracy ±2%
Speed resolution 0.01m/s
Ranging range 0.4 ~ 40m
Ranging accuracy ±1cm
Range resolution 1mm
Antenna style Flow rate: 14 x 32゜

Water level: 11 x 11゜

Intervals 1 ~ 5000min
Flowmeter size (length×width×height) 220×120×83.8mm
Bracket size (length×width×height) 100×100×100mm
weight Flowmeter + bracket: 5.8kg
Shell material Galvanized, stainless steel sheet

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