FRM6100 K-Band Radio Wave Velocity Meter

FRM6100 radio wave velocity meter is a non-contact flow velocity detection device independently developed by our company, which can be used to monitor the surface velocity of water bodies such as natural rivers, open channels, and underground pipe networks and assist water treatment operations.

This radio wave flow meter works in the 24GHz ISM frequency band and adopts the CW mode, which can detect the water flow velocity information in real time around the clock, and is not affected by climate, temperature, water vapor on the water surface and pollutants in the water. The product has a built-in efficient back-end processing algorithm, which can accurately obtain the water flow speed.

Parameter :

Parameters Instruction
Speed range 0.1 ~ 15m/s (related to water flow)
Speed accuracy ±0.01m/s; ±1%FS
resolution 0.01m/s
effective distance 0.5 ~ 30 m
measure time 3 ~ 240s
Intervals 1 ~ 18000s
Measurement direction Two-way optional
Automatic angle correction 30°~ 60°
Communication Interface RS-485/ RS-232 / 4-20mACurrent Loop
Interface communication parameters 9600, 8, 1,None
Protocol Custom ASCII/MODBUS
working frequency 24.000 ~ 24.250GHzadjustable
Antenna style Planar Microstrip Array Antenna, 14°×32°
Operating Voltage +7~28V  DC
Working current Working mode, working current ≤ 120mA@12V

Low power consumption (sleep) mode, working current ≤ 1mA@12V

Operating temperature -40 ~60℃
Protection class IP67
Dimensions (l×w×h) 110×110×43 (mm)
Front cover steel (white), rear cover aluminum alloy (black) Front cover steel (white), rear cover aluminum alloy (black)

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