FST110 Mechanical Piston Flow Switch

The flow switch is mainly installed on-line or plug-in in medium pipelines such as water, gas and oil to monitor the water flow in the water system. When the water flow is higher or lower than a certain set point, the output alarm signal is triggered and transmitted to the unit, and the system can make corresponding indication actions after obtaining the signal. Avoid or reduce host “dry burn”.
The flow switch is to instruct the switch of the system according to the flow.
Set the upper or lower limit for the flow switch. When the flow reaches the limit, the flow switch will send a signal or an alarm, and the system will run or stop. Generally, systems that require flow will use flow switches.
Depending on the system, as well as the flow switch model and other factors, the place of use is also different, which should be determined according to the specific situation.

FST110 Piston Flow Switch Gas liquid dual, industrial automation/mechanical equipment/air compression industry/refrigeration and air conditioning.

Parameter :

Setting range See parameter table for details
Accuracy ±5% total range
Hysteresis At least 0.6L/min depending on the switching point
Switch setting scale Medium of water, temperature 20°C,the horizontal installation state for calibration.

Installation location medium and temperature changes will have a slight impact on the switch value

LED display DC power supply LED display switch status, AC without LED display.
Output Dry reed switch, capacity 24VDC/250VAC,100mA
Withstand pressure 10 bar(plastic),50bar (aluminum), 100bar (stainless steel)
Average pressure loss 0.3bar (at 25L/m in)
Medium temperature Max 100℃
Protection class IP65
FST110 material Material: shell: P0M plastic piston: POM plastic Spring: stainless steel seal: NBR, Spring: stainless steel seal: NBR
FST110 material Material: shell: anodized alumina piston: POM plastic, Spring: Stainless steel seal: NBR
FST110 X material case:stainless steel piston: POM plastic, Spring: stainless steel seal: NBR
Wiring mode M12 connector

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