FST200 Baffle Flow Switch Mechanical Flow Switch

FST200 Baffle flow switch Mechanical flow switch, with built-in spring supported baffle, triggers the fretting switch when the flow reaches the prefabricated value.

It with SPDT output, small pressure loss, complete isolation between mechanical and electronic parts/large flow  range, easy to adjust and set, the switch factory standard with a set of baffling (5 pieces), can be used flexibly according to the field, suitable for a variety of pipelines, the switch has high reliability and good repeatability, anti-pollution ability.

Application:Gas-liquid dual, industrial automation/mechanical equipment/air compression industry/refrigeration and air conditioning suitable for diameter ≥25mm pipe.

Parameter :

Setting range See parameter table for details
Reproducibility  ±2.5% of the total range
Wiring mode  terminal wiring
Output switch normally on + normally off (250VAC,3A) impact on the switch value
Withstand pressure  16bar
Average pressure loss  0.08bar(at maximum flow)
Ambient temperature -25… 80 ℃
Medium temperature: 90℃
Interface thread R1 thread
Protection class IP33
Material main body: stainless steel,

process connections: brass,

Connecting rod: brass

Baffle  stainless steel
Seal  NBR
Shell ABS

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