FST220 Baffle EX Type Flow Switch

FST220 baffle flow switch is mainly an explosion-proof flow switch designed for industrial explosion-proof area. It is suitable for when the flow rate exceeds the set value, the fluid pushes the baffle and drives the micro switch on the top through the mechanical device  in the flow switch.

Application: Gas-liquid dual type, fire protection industry/chemical industry/industrial automation/mechanical equipment/smelting equipment/hydraulic lubrication equipment.

Parameter :

Setting range See parameter table for details
Reproducibility  ±2.5% of the total range
Wiring mode  terminal wiring
Output micro switch SPDT (switch open + normally closed) output
Withstand pressure  100bar
Average pressure loss  0.08bar(at maximum flow)
Ambient temperature -25… 80 ℃
Dielectric temperature: 250℃
Interface thread R1 thread
Protection class EXCT4
Material main body : stainless steel,process connections : stainless steel,

Connecting rod : stainless steel

Baffle  stainless steel
Seal  NBR
Protective enclosure stainless steel explosion proof junction box

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