FST250 Straight Through EX Flow Switch

FST250 straight explosion-proof flow switch is an upgraded FST240 explosion-proof version with a spring supported baffle built in. When the flow reaches the prefabricated value, the mechanical structure triggers the fretting switch. On-line installation, good repeatability, anti – pollution ability, through the knob to achieve the switch value setting.

FST250 Gas-liquid dual type straight explosion-proof flow switch, industrial automation/mechanical equipment/air compression industry/cooling and air conditioning/fire protection industry/petrochemical industry and other special protection requirements.

Parameter :

Setting range See parameter table for details
Reproducibility  ±2.5% of the total range
Wiring mode  terminal wiring
Output switch normally on + normally off (250VAC,3A)
Withstand pressure  100bar
Dielectric temperature 250℃
Ambient temperature -25… 120 ℃
Average pressure loss 0.08bar (at maximum flow)
Enclosure stainless steel explosion-proof junction box
Protection class IP67
Main body material stainless steel
Process connection stainless steel
Connecting rod stainless steel
Baffle stainless steel

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