FST330 Electronic EX Type Flow Switch

FST330 Electronic EX type flow switch Based on the thermal principle, the sealed probe contains two resistors, one of which is heated as the detection resistance and the other is not heated as the reference resistance. When the medium flows, the heat on the heating resistance is taken away and the resistance value is changed.

No moving parts, maintenance free, easy to install, one type is suitable for a variety of pipe diameter requirements, switch volume continuously adjustable, very low pressure loss, compact structure, LED display flow trend and switch status.

FST330 Gas-liquid dual type Electronic EX type flow switch, industrial automation/mechanical equipment/air compression industry/cooling and air conditioning/fire protection industry/petrochemical industry and other special protection requirements.

Parameter :

Setting Range 1.. 150cm/s(water), 3… 300 cm/s (oil),20… 2000cm/s (air)
Signal Output  PNP,NPN,relay,Normally open + normally closed(SPDT)
Power Supply  24V±20%VDC or 230V±15%VAC
Current Switch On Maximum 400mA(PNP or NPN), maximum 4A (relay)
No Load Current Maximum 80mA
Flow Indicator LED row(8)
Pressure Range 100bar
Response Time  1-13s,Typical values 2s
Initialization Time 8s
Protection Class IP67
Temperature Media Temperature : -20…80℃Strogage Temperature : -20…100℃
Material Probe : stainless steelShell: cast aluminum
Explosionproof Grade Ex d ll CT6
Electric Protection  Invert, short circuit, overload protection


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