FUH920 Dual-Channel Pipeline Water Heat Meter Ultrasonic Calorimeter

An ultrasonic heat meter is an instrument that calculates heat. The heat meter is to install a pair of temperature sensors on the ascending pipe and descending pipe passing the heat carrier fluid respectively, and the flow meter is installed on the fluid inlet or return pipe (the location of the flow meter is different, the final measurement results are also different), the flow rate The meter sends out a pulse signal proportional to the flow rate, a pair of temperature sensors gives an analog signal indicating the temperature, and the integrator collects the signals from the flow rate and temperature sensors, and uses the calculation formula to calculate the heat obtained by the heat exchange system, which is related to the construction industry. Compared with the household meters that have been commonly used in the past: water meters, electricity meters, and gas meters, they have more complex designs and higher technical content. Ultrasonic heat meter is a high-tech product including mechanical, electronic and information technology.

Parameter :

Items Specifications
Dominal Diameter DN15-300
Pipe material DN15 ~ DN40: Copper DN50 ~ DN150: Ductile iron temperature; DN200 ~ DN300: Carbon steel
Degree range (℃) 40 ~ 150
Temperature difference range (K) 3 ~ 70 (factory setting minimum temperature difference 0.2)
Minimum pairing temperature error (℃) ±0.1
Maximum allowable working pressure (Mpa) 1.6MPa (2.5MPa optional)
Accuracy class 2
Protection class IP68 can work 2 meters underwater
Working power Built-in lithium battery (3.6V, 19Ah) / external DC8 ~ 36V DC power supply / 2-wire 4-20mA power supply
Battery life DN15 ~ DN150 battery for more than 10 years; DN200 ~ DN300 battery for more than 6 years
Working environment temperature: -20 ~ 55℃; humidity ≤100% (RH)
Temperature sensor type PT100 platinum resistor
Communication and output MBUS / RS485 / USART / photoelectric interface
Communication protocol CJ 188 / MODBUS / M-BUS / Manufacturer protocol
Local display Dual line display includes 9-digit cumulative quantity, 4-digit instantaneous flow, and various status prompts and units
Storage temperature (℃) -20 ~ + 65
Data storage Use EEPROM / FLASH storage parameters to automatically record the cumulative flow of 512 days before the first 128 months
Instrument installation position Water supply pipe, return water pipe
Display digits 8 digits

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