PM430 Industrial Digital Pressure Transmitter

According to the application characteristics of different industries, PM430 series pressure transmitter 4-20ma carefully select high-reliability silicon piezoresistance, ceramic capacitors, sapphire, sputtering thin film pressure sensors as the sensitive core. After temperature compensation, digital circuit correction and signal conditioning, the output standard Industrial applications and networking signals. The production process continues the company’s 20-year rigorous work style and meticulous process control spirit. Each type of product is carefully designed, component selection, process verification and curing, cyclic loading stress relief, aging, and environmental simulation testing. Only the product is stable and reliable.
With its excellent accuracy and reliability, PM430 series pressure transmitters are widely used in many types of pressure measurement users, especially in coal mines, oil fields, chemical industry, civil explosion, environmental protection, medicine, water affairs, shipping and other industries.

Main Feature :

  • On-site display, Multiple Output Signals
  • High Stability, Low drift
  • Flameproof, IP66 Protection
  • Can be Applied to Harsh Environments Such as pollution, humidity, flammable and explosive




Range -0.1MPa…0kPa~10kPa…100MPa
Overload capability Below 10MPa ≤ 2 times full scale

10MPa and above ≤1.5 times full scale

Pressure Type G (gauge pressure), A (absolute pressure), S (sealed gauge pressure)
Accuracy 0.1% (custom), 0.25% (typical), 0.5% (maximum)
Long-term stability ±0.1%FS/year (typical), ±0.2%FS/year (maximum)
Zero temperature drift ±0.03%FS/°C (≤100kPa), ±0.02%FS/°C (>100kPa)
Sensitivity temperature drift ±0.03%FS/°C (≤100kPa), ±0.02%FS/°C (>100kPa)
Compensation temperature 0°C~50°C(≤100kPa), -10°C~70°C(typical)
Working temperature -40°C~80°C, -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C (explosion-proof type)
Power supply 15~ 30V (Default 24V)
Live display 4-digit LED or LCD
Output Signal 4mA~20mA (superimposable HART protocol)

RS485 (can output 4mA~20mA signal at the same time)

Load Resistance Current type: ≤ (U-12) / 0.02 (Ω)
Explosion-proof grade Intrinsically safe type: Ex d IIC T5 Gb
Protection level IP65/IP67

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