PMD3051C Diaphragm Seal Pressure Transmitter

PMD3051C diaphragm seal pressure transmitter is a pressure measuring instrument suitable for the sanitary industry. It is suitable for measuring the pressure conditions of tanks or pipelines that require high sanitary conditions.It is a pressure signal measured by atmospheric pressure as the reference end, and the height of the liquid can also be reflected by the pressure signal.

Parameter :

Medim liquid, gas, or steam
Measurement range 0~3500Kpa (0~350mH2O), customized as request
Output signal 4 ~ 20mA dc, superimposed HART, RS485
Power supply 24V dc. , power range 12V ~ 45V
Accuracy + 0.1%, + 0.075%
Stability + 0.2% ≤ 12 months of the maximum range
Temperature range

electronic:-40 ~ 85 °C,sensitive element:-40 ~ 204 °C, storage temperature: -40 ~ 85 °C.

Temperature effect + 0.2% ≤ 20 °C with zero and range temperature error of maximum range
Power effect less than 0.005% / V of the output range.
Vibration effect on any axis, the frequency is 200Hz and the error is + 0.05% / g of the maximum range.
Load effect as long as the voltage of the input transmitter is higher than 12V, there is no load effect in the load working area.
Explosion-proof type flameproof ExdIIBT5Gb; Intrinsic safety ExiallCT4/T5/T6Ga;
Clamp connection 1 1/2”, 2” or customized

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