PMD3051GP/GA Rosemount Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount pressure transmitter working principle of metal capacitive pressure (gauge) / absolute pressure transmitter is that when the pressure acts indirectly on the surface of metal measuring diaphragm (elastic measuring element) of different thickness by isolating diaphragm and conducting pressure, the diaphragm produces small deformation, the maximum shape variable is not more than 0.1 mm, and the high precision measuring circuit converts this small deformation into a voltage signal linearly related to the differential voltage signal. After linearization and temperature compensation, the voltage signal is converted into an industrial standard 4-20mA current signal or 1 ≤ 5V voltage signal by using a special chip.

Main Features :

  • Pressure (gauge) / absolute pressure transmitter
  • High sensitivity of the metal capacitance pressure sensor
  • Linear and temperature compensation circuit
  • High overload resistance and excellent 0.075% accuracy ability

Parameter :

Medium liquid, gas, or steam
Measurement range 0~7000Kpa (0~70kgf/cm2), 0~41Mpa (0~4100kgf/cm2)
Output signal 4 ~ 20mA dc, superimposed HART, RS485
Power supply 24V dc. , power range 12V ~ 45V
Accuracy + 0.1%, + 0.075%
Stability + 0.2% ≤ 12 months of the maximum range
Temperature range

electronic:-40 ~ 85 °C,sensitive element:-40 ~ 104 °C, storage temperature: -40 ~ 85 °C.

Temperature effect + 0.2% ≤ 20 °C with zero and range temperature error of maximum range
Power effect less than 0.005% / V of the output range.
Vibration effect on any axis, the frequency is 200Hz and the error is + 0.05% / g of the maximum range.
Load effect as long as the voltage of the input transmitter is higher than 12V, there is no load effect in the load working area.
Explosion-proof type flameproof ExdIIBT5Gb; Intrinsic safety ExiallCT4/T5/T6Ga;

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