PWF100 Series Plug-In Impeller Flow Switch Sensor

PWF100 series plug-in impeller flow sensor is another smart flow switch. YesA compact flow sensor. Has a small size. Easy to set up and so on. Built-in intelligence circuit. The upper and lower limit alarm values of flow can be set arbitrarily. Real-time traffic conditions can be monitored remotely.All parameters can be set arbitrarily on site, and the impeller measures the medium through the flow through the sensor intelligently Arbitrary programming after circuit processing.

Parameter :

Velocity range 0.15~6m/s
Pipe diameter range DN15-DN600(1⁄2- 24 inch)
Supply voltage DC 5~24V
Repeatability Accuracy/ Linear Accuracy ±0.5c/o full scale/±1.0c/o full scale
Minimum Reynolds number 4500
Temperature pressure PP body 12.5bar@ 25°C 1.7bar@ 90°C PVDF body 14.0bar@25°C 1.7bar@ 100°C
PVDF body 14.0bar@ 25°C 1.7bar@ 100°C
Over current parts Sensor body PP/PVDF
Impeller P/PVDF/PTFE
Bearing/shaft High temperature oxide pick ZrO2 (ceramic), titanium alloy, Hastelloy Alloy C

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