PWF110EX Series Explosion-Proof Impeller Flow Switch Sensor

PWF110EX series explosion-proof impeller flow sensor is also an intelligent flow switch. It is a compact flow sensor with the advantages of small size and easy setting. The built-in intelligent circuit can arbitrarily set the upper and lower limit alarm values of flow, and can remotely monitor real-time Flow conditions, all parameters can be set arbitrarily on site, and the impeller measures the medium through the flow through the sensor intelligent circuit and can be programmed arbitrarily.
-Hall type pulse output, open collector PNP/NPN, strong driving ability
– Has high chemical resistance
– Explosion-proof type is easy to install
– Good stability and strong anti-interference ability
– Good reliability and maintenance free

Parameter :

Velocity range 0.15~6m/s
Pipe diameter range DN15-DN600(1⁄2- 24 inch)
Supply voltage DC 5~24V
Repeatability Accuracy/ Linear Accuracy ±0.5c/o full scale/±1.0c/o full scale
Minimum Reynolds number 4500
Temperature pressure PP body 1.7bar@90°CPVDF body 14.0bar@25°C 1.7bar@100°C
PVDF body 1.7bar@ 100°C
Over current parts Sensor body 304SS
Impeller PVDF
Bearing/shaft High temperature oxide pick ZrO2 (ceramic)

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