SPDV200F Doppler Open Channel Flowmeter

The application principle of SPDV200 ultrasonic Doppler current meter is that the ultrasonic sensor is placed in the measured channel and river channel, and the sensor sends ultrasonic wave to the water. According to the reflected ultrasonic signal strength and other parameters, the water velocity can be calculated, and these data are transmitted to the user through the built-in hardware and software. It is widely used to measure the velocity of water in pipelines, channels or rivers.

Parameter :

Measurement type velocity, discharge, water depth and water temperature
Flow velocity measurement range (water depth above sensor: 10cm) The positive velocity is + 0.03m/s to + 5.00m/s;

The negative velocity is – 1.00 M / s to – 0.03 M / S (optional);

Other flow range can be customized.

Velocity measurement resolution 1 mm / S
Accuracy of velocity ±2~3%
Water depth measurement range 0.02-3.00m, 0.02-10.00m (confirm the maximum water depth before ordering)
Water depth resolution 1 mm
Water depth accuracy 0.5%
Temperature range 0~60° C
Temperature resolution 0.1 ° C
Flow range

10 L / S ~ 9999999 m3 / h

Working voltage 12 ~ 13VDC (Min.10.3VDC, Max.14VDC)
Output signal RS485 Modbus protocol
Wireless transmission (option) GPRS RTU wireless transmitter
Cable length of sensor 10M (Default)
Liquid requirements 0 ~ 60 ℃, non solidification,1 standard atmospheric pressure in natural environment
Liquid pH requirements PH value between 6~8
Application Pipeline, channel, natural stream, river

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