SUL815 Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter

SUL815 Wall mounted ultrasonic open channel flowmeter is divided into liquid level method and velocity method (time difference method and Doppler method). The liquid level method is suitable for standard channels, such as triangular weir, rectangular weir, equal width weir, basher trough, etc. The velocity method is suitable for irregular flow fields such as trapezoidal, U-shaped, O-shaped, etc. Open channel flowmeter is composed of ultrasonic liquid level meter (current meter), measuring tank and flow totalizer.

Parameter :

Cumulative flow range 0 ~ 999999 (full 8 bits clear, at the same time, the cumulative number of times plus 1, the flow unit according to the setting)
Instantaneous flow range 10L / S ~ 100m3 / S (determined by the type and specification of measuring weir)
Flow accuracy 5%
Blind area 0.06-2m (depending on sensor)
Range 0-40meter
Probe material ABS material
Protection level IP65
Cable length 10m shielded cable (can be customized with any length)
Host performance 3 inch LCD, 18 Bit keyboard operation, M16 * 1.5 electrical interface
Power supply AC85 ~ 380V or DC11 ~ 24V power supply
Power comsumption 5W
Input signal Ultrasonic probe, RS485 serial port
Output signal 1-way or 2-way 4-20mA (standard 1-way), 4-way relay, RS485
Sensor mounting interface Standard 485 interface (24 V power supply) * 2
Work environment Normal temperature, normal pressure
Data browsing Quickly view hourly, daily, monthly and annual traffic records
Option function Support u disk data export, support wireless transmission (purchase when ordering)

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